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i want to have a blog via wordpress. because i feel they are better than you know… blogspot. so i am starting one here.

but i’m not about to go public yet. i’ll keep this for me. and maybe my biggest fans. but i don’t want to feel humiliated when i blog about thins that might be… judged.

i hate being judged.

i like to write. really. i love it. and i think i’m funny. but i’m not great at it. i don’t use the right words, or the right punctuation. so i feel that i could never succeed as a writer. so this is why my blog usually is filled with pictures and one liners. because i’m intimidated by well written blogs.

my life is good though. really. and i shouldn’t complain about what i can’t do. because i am sure there are a lot of things that i can’t do. if i did complain, than i would sound like negative nancy. really, i’m positive paul.

i don’t really like caps lock for instance. my husband LOVES it. but i love him, so i try not to judge. so does my work, we schedule everything in caps. but i think it just puts too much emphasis on the word. i like everything to run smoothly. jinjongling aka my professor of one of my last five classes i will ever take to earn my bach he… would hate this blog. not because the content though. but probably because he would get confused reading it.

i am at work right now. i have been since 8:12am. we had a good day today. i sat here and did nothing. which is what i do… EVERYDAY. i like my job. i like it because i get payed. i like it because i go to school and so i can work + go to school. but i don’t like that i do nothing with my time here. i could do my “job” in a total of five hours of the work week. i feel like i am robbing people of their money. but i need a job. so i stay.

i am looking for jobs though. careers. big kids. i’m a grown up now. or at least that is how i feel. i own a house. i am married. i graduate college in like 80+ days. this means = grown up. i still cry a lot though. and i still need my mom. today i called her just to cry. she is a big kid. she always has been though. so she teaches me how to be a big kid too.

i could type for days. hours. weeks. months. because i always have a lot to say. my husband likes that about me. a lot i think. because i am always talking to him. and telling him stories. i am full of stories. most real life stories. mostly because i take such an interest into other people that i feel like their stories are my stories.

i miss heather. she loves my stories. she is a good friend. a good person. she is pure, ya know. she loves me a lot too. and we have a lot in common but we are a lot different. so we get along. we do. bff you could say. but everyone is my bff. but heather, i miss her. she is in mississippi. that state always steals my bffs. and i’m ticked about it. but andrew pates is from there. so i will have to forgive it. like you can have a grudge against a state anyway. but i do.

we’re going to nevada next weekend. vegas. i like it there. i always though i’d end up there. going to graduate school. but probably not. because life isn’t always what you thought. it’s better. mine is better. nic is better than any graduate school. better than the sun. i miss Meghan bone. she lives there. and i miss her and her laugh. i don’t have anything against nevada though, like i do mississippi. maybe after this weekend. i will. next weekend i guess.

this weekend starts soon. it’s thursday. already thursday. i’m getting old. time is flying faster than when i was a babe. when i was waiting for the weekends. hahaha. babes don’t wait for the weekend silly. babes just wait for their next feeding. babes wait for their moms to come hold them. or their dads to get home from work. or for their sisters to be born. babes are lucky. but i’m not a baby. i am a big kid.

i’m just waiting. waiting for the day of work to be over. because i’m the last to leave always. which is fine. because i can sit here… doing nothing for a few more minutes and not get too ticked.



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